How do I earn FIT Points?

You can earn FIT Points by creating an account in FIT Ruums, and booking your customers’ accommodation and transfer needs via our platform. Create a FIT Ruums account today.


How much FIT Points do I earn per booking?

FIT Points are calculated based on the gross value of your booking. Hence the higher the value of your booking, the more FIT Points you earn!


When are FIT Points credited to my account?

Point will be converted and uploaded in the following month after booking has departed.


Can I convert my FIT Points into cash?

FIT points can only be used to redeem rewards off our FIT Rewards platform, and cannot be converted into cash.


Can I use cash to top up my FIT Points if I do not have enough Points to redeem an item?

No, only FIT Points can be used to redeem the items, and no cash top-up is allowed.


Is there an expiry date for my FIT Points?

Yes, all unutilized FIT Points expire on the 31st of March of the following year. For example, FIT Points accumulated in 2017 will expire on 31st March 2018.


Can I retrieve FIT Points which have expired?

Unfortunately, no. FIT Points that have expired will not be reinstated.


Will my member tier be affected when I use my FIT points to redeem rewards?

No, your member tier is determined by the total FIT Points you earn in the year, and will not be affected when you use your points for rewards redemption.

Can I register an account using my home address instead of agency address?

No, the fulfillment of gifts will be done by your Account Managers, who will be delivering the items to your office.


What happens if I register my FIT Rewards account with a different email address than the email address I normally use to create a booking?

We will not be able to credit the FIT Points into the correct account, and you will not be able to utilise them. In the event that you accidentally created an account using a different email, contact your Account Manager to rectify this.