How to get started

FIT Rewards is only available for travel bookers in Asia Pacific. In order to enjoy the rewards in stored on our FIT Rewards platform, you must first be a booking agent of either FIT Ruums or TotalStay.


How to ensure that you earn points for every booking?

For clients using the FIT Ruums platform, please ensure that the email address you use to create your FIT Rewards account, corresponds with the “Agent Email” field when you make a booking on


For clients using TotalStay platform, please ensure to register your FIT Rewards account using the same email address as your TotalStay account sub-agent logins.


What does Pending Points and Available Points mean?

After you’ve made a booking, the associated Points from the booking will be calculated* and added to your FIT Rewards account the next day as “Pending Points”. “Pending Points” will turn into “Available Points” within the next working day after the booking has checked-in. You may then use your Available Points to redeem rewards!


Delivery Timeline of Redeemed Rewards

Redemption deadline is 21st of each month for items to be delivered by the 7th of the following month. Example:

- items redeemed on 21 January will be delivered by 7 February.

- items redeemed on 22 January will be delivered by 7 March.


Expiry date:

All untilised FIT Points earned in the year will expire on the 31st of March the following year. For example, Points earned in 2019 will expire on 31st March 2020.



*WebBeds retains sole discretion to determine the conversion rate of booking value to FIT Points.