Terms and Conditions of Use

Redemption of Reward Points

FIT Points may only be used to redeem such products and services as set out in the FIT Rewards catalogue, subjected to availability of such products and services. It cannot be exchanged for cash or be used to offset the commercial booking value made on any of WebBeds' booking platforms.


WebBeds reserves the right to determine at its sole discretion the products and services available for redemption at any point in time, and shall not be obliged to replenish or replace any redemption product or service.


WebBeds reserves the right to determine the number of FIT Points required for the redemption of each product and/or service.



Once a redemption request is submitted, it cannot be cancelled, modified or withdrawn.


Each redemption request will be fulfilled by the 7th of the following month, if order was placed before 21st of the month. Otherwise, fulfillment will be done by the month after that.


All redeemed items will be delivered to the member’s company address specified by the member during account registration. Member is responsible for ensuring that the correct and updated company addresses are provided to WebBeds for the receipt of redemption items at the time of submitting the redemption request.  WebBeds shall not be liable to re-issue any redemption items which have been sent to an address that is not correct or updated, or which have been lost, or deleted (including deletion for spam email). If your company has relocated, please contact your WebBeds Account Manager to amend the address of your account.


If vouchers are issued for redemption, the redeemed vouchers will be valid only for the period stipulated thereon and the validity period will not be extended or renewed.  Any unutilized redemption or part thereof will be forfeited at the stipulated expiry date.


All redemption vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions set out thereon and such other terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Participating Merchant.


If the total bill for the purchase of products or services at the Participating Merchant exceeds the value of the redemption voucher, Member shall settle any and all outstanding amounts directly with the Participating Merchant and WebBeds shall have no liability for the outstanding amount.


Redemption vouchers will be valid only for products and services stated thereon are not applicable for other products, services discount and promotions, unless otherwise stated.


All redeemed products, whether utilized or not, may not be refunded or exchanged for other products in the FIT Rewards catalogue, FIT Points, cash, credit or in kind.


WebBeds is not responsible or liable for the quality of the redemption products or services.  Redemption of any product or service constitutes a purchase of the product or service by the Member from the participating merchant. WebBeds is not responsible for any specification, non-performance or defects of the redeemed product or service.  WebBeds is not an agent of the participating merchant.  Any dispute regarding the redemption product or service shall be resolved directly with the participating merchant. 


All unutilized FIT Points will be wiped out from the account by 31st March of the following year. For example, accumulated and unutilized FIT Points in 2021, will be wiped out by 31st March 2022.