Membership Tiers


We are always looking for ways to make your booking with us more rewarding.

That’s why we are introducing the new FIT Rewards membership tier, where you can earn points faster and enjoy more exclusive rewards.


From 1st January 2019 onwards, all your earned FIT Points will be accumulated to help you unlock new membership status and advance to the next level.


Here are the different membership tiers and benefits at a glance:


Membership status

FIT Points earned during calendar year



0 – 29,999 FIT Points

1x FIT Points on all bookings


30,000 – 49,999 FIT Points

1.2x FIT Points on all new bookings


50,000 – 99,999 FIT Points

1.5x FIT Points on all new bookings + unlock limited edition items


100,000 FIT Points and above

2x FIT Points on all new bookings + unlock limited edition items


You can easily find out your Membership Tier by hovering over "My Account" in the Menu bar.





Once you qualify for the Silver, Gold or Platinum Level, you will remain at that level till 31st December of that year. After which, your membership status will revert to Basic. Redeeming your FIT Points throughout the year does not affect your member tier for that year.